Fan Art + Links

I've made this fanart in honor of a new Slayers series:
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And in other news... I feel really bad that my links section is practically empty right now. I know that I've been removed from almost all the sites I used to link because my site was broken for so long. I'm trying to find everyone who still links me, let them know that the URL has changed, and make sure I have a proper link back to them. If anyone reading this comm still has a link to Emerald Winter, please comment and let me know that I need to link you back. If anybody would like to exchange links with me I am completely open to it, I don't have any requirements. Leave me a comment or email me at 100series@gmail.com!


Emerald Winter is in its new place and my new comic, Lavender Legend, is open too.

Emerald Winter still doesn't have any new content, but I'm working on it. Lavender Legend is new of course, but I didn't finish as many pages as I had planned to open it with. You can thank my crappy new job at Target for that one. XD Both of these web pages have crappy navigation too, I gotta fix that ASAP.

A Small Announcement

When Shillin posted, it occurred to me that maybe I should post this here.

Emerald Winter is sort of back online.

No comics are available just yet. I am still building the comics browsing pages and so forth. But the site really does exist, and that's something! XD

Letting everyone know should light a fire under my ass, if nothing else.

Fire Emblem

So I'm a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series. Recently I've undertaken the FE100 challenge, in which I'll be producing one hundred fanarts of the series based on the list of one hundred prompts. Even if you aren't familiar with the series, you might find something to like about these pictures. Click on the thumbnails~

Most recent, and my favorite, is a picture of Tibarn the Hawk King from FE: Radiant Dawn (well, he's also in Path of Radiance, I guess.):

And this seems to be viewer's favorite. Lyn from FE: Blazing Sword (the first American release on the GBA).

And a homage to FE: Mystery of the Emblem, a really old installment on the SNES.

More from the FE100 series here. :o

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