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Fire Emblem: Dawn of Radiance fanart.

To those of you not familiar with the game, Soren is the long-haired guy, and Ike is the beefy dude hugging him. And to those of you who HAVE played this game, give me a holler! XD

Comment below has been copy-pasta'd from my DA entry.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Drawn fanart, of Soren and Ike. Fun experiment with the contrast between focus and lack of focus. :3 Painted in Photoshop 7.0 from scratch. Quickie.

WARNING ! ! ! fangirl rant below~ ~ ~

Soren's (platonic) relationship with Ike pains me to no end. Their relationship is like an incomplete work that really desperately needs to be finished. Soren was broken, and Ike coming to his life has healed him somewhat -- but he's still badly broken. And judging from the way he obsesses over Ike, he'll never be fully healed.

Still, I adore Soren, though, which is the worst part. Watching him pains me and infuriates me, but I can't help it. A love-hate relationship if you will.

This particular scene -- it actually happens in the game -- is a great example. Dude needs to open his eyes and his heart as well. Due to his heritage, he will likely outlive Ike by decades. I don't want him to be all alone after Ike is gone. ;0; ~

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